Bad bad breath caused by various causes

Bad breath is that you have a bad smell in your mouth and breathing. There are things due to eating and drinking such as food with strong smell and volumes of plaque and tongue plush, smoking etc. There are also bad breath caused by various diseases. Odors may become strong not only in the oral cavity such as periodontal disease and caries, but also due to diseases inside the body such as gastric ulcer, empyema, diabetes, hepatitis. As a countermeasure, toothbrushing firmly to maintain hygiene in the oral cavity, and adjusting the physical condition also leads to suppression of smell.

A bad breath supplement is about a supplement that can improve the unpleasant odor of mouth by drinking. There are two main items in this. One has the effect of erasing the bad breath itself, and the other has the effect of improving its cause. It is said that it is important to select goods after judging whether it is transient or chronic physiological phenomenon, so it is necessary to pay attention when purchasing. In the case where the mouth itself is the cause and the case where it is caused by the built-in, the raw materials used are different.

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