How Can You Become A Better Hunter?

It does not matter if you are a veteran at buck hunting or you are completely new at it. Here are some tips which will help everyone – regardless of your skill level.

The odor of humans frightens deer. Therefore, you need to shower using scent free soap before you hunt. You should also not contaminate your hunting clothes, and it is best to seal these clothes in a container or bag that is sealed which has dirt, leaves and other ground debris. This will allow your hunting clothes to acquire the scents that are natural for the location.

Hunters feel that estrous is all that is needed for hunting of big buck. This is good, but in addition, the territorial instincts of the buck should be considered as well. The scent of a doe which is estrous will not make sense to a buck at the beginning of October. Yet, if there are even estrous rags, the buck will follow you.

Various hunters, who are experienced, will bring an odor eliminator with them to where they are and apply it to their body as well as spray their hat as well hair.

When hunting in the rains or when there is a drizzle, electrical tape needs to be put over the barrel end so that moisture will be kept out and you can shoot through the tape.

The human odor should be above that which the deer can smell. Therefore, the stand should be high above so even when carried in the breeze, so that it does not get detected by the deer.

For searching for good hunting area what is needed is Google maps, and that is more than enough.

You should not trim shooting lanes or disturb the area as old bucks associate cut timber with human predators.

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