How Do You Hunt Mule Deer?

Mule deer are strange creatures and quite dumb very honestly. When they are startled, instead of ducking, they run. They then will stop when there is open space and look back to see who is pursuing them. These creatures have antlers that are forked deeply, and they have a backed stature which is regal and square.

These mule deer are usually seen in alfalfa fields as well as in the prairies, and they have a sprinting run which is stiff legged. The old bucks are usually found in the deep canyons, subalpine basins, desolate deserts as well as backcountry.

The way these are hunted is that the hunters do not walk far from the prey and they usually engage mules. This is especially in November when the bucks are in heat. The old bucks get dull-witted when they see this distraction, and they can easily be then shot.

In order to hunt this deer, you need to hike. You can use optics to search for bucks which are interesting and then approach within a bow or rifle range. The velvet-antlered bucks can be found above the tree-lines in September, and they can be found in the migration corridors once it snows heavily.

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