Hunting Tips: The Best Ways To Hunt Duck!

In order for you to hunt ducks, there are certain tips you need to follow. Duck hunters usually spend money on decoys, boats, nontoxic shots and so many more things.

The dabbling or puddle duck are found in North America, and these include wood duck, mallard, American black duck as well as the gadwall, American Wigeon, three kinds of teal and northern Shoveler. Their habitats vary so much from acorn feasting wood ducks to wigeons who nests only on the ground. The reason these are called dabbling is that their tails are tipped to feed invertebrates as well as aquatic plants which are under the water surface. These do not have large wing-to-body ratios.

There are divers. Their wings are smaller, and their feet are farther back. These include the redhead, canvasback, greater as well as lesser scaup, Barrow’s goldeneyes as well as the ruddy duck and ring-necked duck as well as various mergansers.

To hunt duck, you should use decoys that come in a u shape. The curve should be directed such that it is to the wind. The landing zone should be provided for the ducks to pitch in. The decoys should be included. The heads of the drakes act like beacons for flocks which are passing by and the puddle ducks decoy for the mallards. You can also use the dry feed for pintails and mallards as well as use corn, rice, etc.

If the honkers are not in season, the Ducks know that geese mean food and the best time is when they need carbohydrates, especially during bitter cold.

For divers, at least 2-3 dozen decoys are needed as they come in substantial numbers. They are ideal over sandbars, oyster beds, and such places. Single decoys should be pitched along long lines. If you want an effective spread, use a triangle filled decoy.

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