Lactobacillus is also the best

As with anything, it is not a good thing if you ingest too much with nutrition It is not a problem for the lactic acid bacteria to be taken moderately, but when you overdose it will make your work in the intestine too good and will scream backwards .
For stomach trouble, constipation etc. I think that lactic acid bacteria are effective or good is a standard in the classic but in my case it is not compatible with lactic acid bacteria much.
I think that also depends on the constitution of people, but I think that there are some people who do not fit with people who fit.
I liked yogurt a long time but it is a kind I am not good at now It is said that Yakult and others are too tasty to drink too much and give up your stomach is also a point you have to be careful about.
If you consider whether you are a person with a strong gastrointestinal tract or a weak one, you will also know how to take lactic acid bacteria.
But these can be understood to some extent by adults.
So it seems that you do not have to worry about taking overdose But if you give children children with lactic acid bacteria in particular, except adults, you may get drunk and eat steadily without knowing give stimulation to the intestines It may be too much.
As a result, cause of abdominal pain, it is a place where you want to pay attention to your child’s intake, especially with care.
Even though it is a lactic acid bacterium, it can not become a poison for the body in the way of ingestion.
I would like to take it into my diet so that I always try to correctly improve and take correctly.

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